Who We Are

ENTEL SPORTS is a company specializing in the sports industry, with a primary focus on Sports Management and Sports Marketing, backed by over 15 years of invaluable experience.

Our partners at ENTEL SPORTS include Professional Clubs, Academies, Athletes, and Businesses. We specialize in Corporate Brands and strategic areas of Public Relations, encompassing Media Communication, Investor Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Crisis Management.

The name “Entelechia” originates from Aristotle and reflects the concept that all human actions are a series of ends or goals, seeking a higher purpose known as “ariston” (the perfect state), synonymous with eudaimonia. Aristotle refers to the fulfillment of this principle as “Entelechia.” According to his philosophy, every being attains the perfection demanded by its nature, transitioning from a state of potentiality to actuality.

Within this context, Entel Sports aims to assist every football player and team in realizing their destiny. Our team comprises experienced professionals with specialized studies in sports management and marketing, along with extensive expertise in professional football, organizing sporting events, and project management.

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