Frequently asked questions


Entel Sports offers consulting and training services in sports. Specifically, we specialize in representing football players (as an official FIFA agent, authorized for the representation of minors), organizing sports and educational events, as well as managing the corporate image and promoting sports organizations.

The company’s team possesses the knowledge, experience, and professionalism required to strategize, execute, and assess actions, processes, and projects involving athletes and teams/organizations.

The company collaborates with experienced scouts, analysts, sports psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and sports scientists to deliver the highest quality services to athletes and teams.

Entel Sports comprises individuals with years of academic study and practical experience in sports management and marketing. The company’s executives hold official FIFA certification for representing football players (FIFA agents) and have previously operated at the highest echelons of the sports industry, successfully executing projects with budgets totaling millions of euros.

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